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Exquisitely-crafted bourbon

Cutting-edge technology

The next evolution in world-class spirits

Handcrafted from North Carolina's finest ingredients, Galactic starts deep in the past before soaring to the future

Drawing from the Past:

Water from a 230 Million year-old aquifer

Distillation techniques perfected over centuries

Barrel aged in new toasted and charred Appalachian oak

Expertly created, skillfully crafted and barrel-aged at least 3 years on earth

Custom-engineered orbit and re-entry vehicles add one year of orbital aging

The first commercial product manufactured in space and the first space-aged bourbon

Packed in a custom aluminum flight case Accompanied by a piece of a space barrel
and a 50ml sample bottle.

The Mystic Galactic NFT is the key to exclusive access to launch and reentry celebrations plus real-time tracking and mission data.


Mystic Galactic – Join the Mission.

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