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Join The Mission

When you reserve a bottle of Galactic, you join an elite group of collectors who own the first commercial product manufactured in space, and the first bourbon aged in orbit.


You will also experience the mission first-hand through mission telemetry, exclusive media and two luxury events. At the close of the mission you will receive your bottle package including your 750ml bottle, a 50ml sample, a piece of one of the barrels that aged in space, and commemorative tasting glasses, all packed in an aluminum flight case.


Your deposit is held in a U.S. bank account until the bourbon returns safely from space, and will be refunded in case of mission failure per the terms of the Bottle Deposit Agreement.  To ensure the security of bottle purchase transactions (we don't want to hand your bottle off to an impostor), we are assigning an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain to each bottle. Like other rare collectibles, the NFT linked to your bottle will provide an indelible chain of ownership and certificate of authenticity if you decide to sell your bottle in the future.

The Mystic Galactic Mission One NFT serves many purposes: It is the proof-of-purchase that will allow you (or your agent) to pick up your bottle package. It is the entry ticket for you and a guest to attend the Launch and Recovery celebrations. It is your passkey to the exclusive Mission App that provides real time video, data and mission-related content. It is also an enduring and fully-transferable Certificate of Authenticity that proves the provenance of your bottle. Only 1,500 bottles of Mystic Galactic Mission One will be created and each bottle will have a corresponding NFT. Only 1,000 NFTs are available for purchase prior to launch. 

Two Ways to Purchase

For typical collectors, and those who prefer a more traditional transaction, we accept credit card deposits. For those who do not have an NFT wallet, we will ship you a physical cold wallet with the NFT. If you prefer the NFT be dropped into an existing wallet, we are happy to accept your Ethereum public wallet address at the time of purchase. 

If you prefer to place your deposit by SWIFT, ACH or wire transfer, please contact us by phone or email to arrange your purchase. We can also answer your questions in-person if you'd like to make an appointment to meet with us at the distillery or by Zoom.

For Those Comfortable with Blockchain Technology, we offer direct minting from the Mystic Galactic Mission One Smart Contract.  The contract code is verified and available on Etherscan.

The Mystic Galactic Mission One NFT is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The mint price is the Ether equivalent of $15,000 USD at the time of purchase plus gas fees. The terms of purchase are set out in the Bottle Deposit Agreement which is the only agreement pertaining to the NFT and the only source for the terms and conditions. Deposit funds will be held in a U.S. bank and, in the case of mission failure, will be refunded to the then current NFT owner, less any Permitted Disbursements and gas fees. NFTs may be transferred without royalties or restrictions. All NFT transactions are subject to gas fees which must be paid by the purchaser. Only 15 NFTs may be minted per 24 hour day.

Pickup Services:  Galactic Bourbon will be available for in-person pickup from Mystic Farm & Distillery in Durham, North Carolina. For those who wish to arrange alternative options including delivery, Capstone Logistics, a $2B transportation and logistics provider is available to assist NFT holders with pickup and shipment of your bottles. To contract directly with Capstone Logistics, please reach out directly to Capstone by email. 

Conventional Purchase
Direct Minting
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